Spotlight on the future of health care

Meet our President of Labor and Public Sector

Labor industry leader Michelle Zettergren advances our goals of reinventing the health benefits space.

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Lower cost alternative to fully insured health plans

Create Level Funding combines the predictable payments of a fully insured health plan with the benefits of self-funding.

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Announcing our Chief Revenue Officer

As Create® expands, our Chief Revenue Officer focuses on improving the business success of our clients and partners.

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Why health care needs a competitive marketplace

Announcing Create®, an exciting new concept in health care that builds competition, lowers costs and enables more meaningful doctor-patient relationships.

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Back on the air with Steve Adubato

CEO Simeon Schindelman discusses the market forces that are beginning to shape health care.

Health care benefits disrupted

What benefits do people really want? See how “thinking local” can make your company stand out.

Our CEO presents a new model for health care

Health care where plan sponsors, members and the best providers win.

The latest buzz on Labor benefits

Listen to the podcast about the future of Labor benefits on Blue Collar Buzz with our CEO Simeon Schindelman


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