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Make your health
benefits work for you...



Get the health care coverage you’ve always wanted and deserve. Cost and quality information is front and center, so you can choose the health care plan that’s right for you and your family. All plans are built on stronger doctor-patient relationships. Your doctors will know you and know your history—ultimately leading to more effective care for you and your loved ones.

Your health care experience is our first priority.

With all your care centered in your personally chosen health system, your doctors can now collaborate seamlessly and give you the best possible care.


plan sponsors

Member satisfaction translates into a more satisfied workforce and an opportunity for you. Effective, affordable care is the bottom line. Partner with us to bring your members better health care, while controlling costs and reducing your workload.

Create is the solution you’ve been looking for.

No other company in the New York and New Jersey area partners directly with health systems who have a common goal to improve patient care and reduce your members’ health care costs.



Your clients are looking for something different. The “sea of sameness” isn’t working anymore. Health care costs are rising and plan sponsors are taking the hit. Take advantage of Create’s innovative model and offer your clients a solution that’s built around their interests and bottom line.

Give yourself a competitive advantage.

Create is the first plan of its kind in the New York and New Jersey area. Be the first one to tell your clients about this new, already-proven solution that gets results.



Trailblaze with us. Join Create in bringing world-class care to New York and New Jersey families with our groundbreaking delivery platform that guarantees your and your patients’ interests are recognized and satisfied. Create promotes more coordinated care for better outcomes.

Practice medicine the way you were trained.

With your patients staying with you and within one health system, you can now seamlessly collabrate with their other providers and offer more comprehensive patient care.